Why Choose Us

  • Veteran Doctors: Drs. Shaeffer, Mooney and Economides each have decades of experience in providing world-class dental care and have treated thousands of patients.We are equipped to take care of your entire family's dental needs. 

  • Talented Staff: We take pride in our professional and courteous staff. Our staff members have multiple certifications and continue to improve and update their many skills through continuing education throughout the year. We are also customer-oriented, and work hard to make sure you feel comfortable and at-home in our office!

  • Multilingual: Don’t let a language barrier keep you from quality treatment. Our team speaks several languages, including English, Spanish, Tagalog, Greek and Amharic.

  • Convenient Location: Our office is located in the heart of Clarendon. We are one block from the Clarendon metro stop and have a parking lot in the rear of the building reserved for our patients. 

Drs. Lakas & Shaeffer, DDS

  • Drs. Lakas & Shaeffer/Clarendon Family Dentistry - 1301 N. Highland St., Arlington, VA 22201 Phone: (703) 522-8894

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